What is the best Field Service Software for HVAC?

Field Service

HVAC organizations continuously invest in new technology to modernize their business in order to improve their services and provide a better customer experience. Therefore, the demand for HVAC-field service software is growing rapidly. HVAC companies, from large to small enterprises, invest in a solution that improves the productivity of their field service engineers and increases their revenues.

However, the challenge for any HVAC company is to decide which HVAC field service management software is the right choice. Nowadays there are many software packages that offer work order management with or without a planning module. But soon you will need additional software to get everything done. And investing in multiple solutions to ultimately set up a company-wide field service process is not the most efficient way to spend your money and time. That’s why many HVAC companies are looking for the one solution that has everything under one roof.

Many solutions are not able to offer everything the HVAC industry needs, but at Odyssee Field Service we have thought about it. And over the past 12 years, we have put a lot of knowledge into our solution that builds directly on what the HVAC industry needs.

A true one-stop-shop for your business is hugely beneficial. After all, the investment will pay for itself many times faster. Field service technicians see their productivity improve dramatically while being able to respond better and faster to the ever-growing expectations of your customers. The invoicing department no longer misses a single invoice and the planners really have the feeling that they can oversee the situation. So, what is this HVAC solution offered by Odyssee Field Service?

Equipment management, work orders and a mobile app

Today, equipment management, work orders and a mobile app go hand in hand. One completes the other and if you want to deploy an HVAC field service solution, you need to deploy one that has all 3, especially a mobile app. A solution with only work order management is half a solution. It is all well and good to quickly register and schedule work orders, you also need to send them quickly to your field service engineers. This way they can quickly execute the work orders and, send them back to process them into an invoice. The completed work order can then be neatly stored in the equipment history.

Precisely that mobile app is the reason why a work order management software without such an app does not meet all the needs of today’s HVAC organizations. One of the strongest reasons why HVAC companies want to work with HVAC-field service software is to avoid all manual processes and replace them with a digital process. Today, it has to be fast and real-time, which paper-based work orders don’t do at all. Odyssee Field Service understands this need of today’s HVAC organizations, large or small, to create work orders quickly and have them executed just as quickly, and then have them converted into invoices.

With Odyssee Field Service solution for HVAC companies, it’s all done: one work order management system, strong scheduling and a user-friendly mobile app, all with out-of-the-box integration to your financial systems, such as SAP Business 1, NetSuite, Microsoft Nav, Xero or QuickBooks. Work orders are created, some automatically when it comes to preventive maintenance, and after planning they are automatically sent to the technician, who can complete work orders on a mobile device. When the work order is ready, everything is sent back to the field service software, which immediately converts the work order, via integration with your accounting system, into an invoice. All this within minutes. This turnaround time, from job submission to invoicing, of a few minutes is exactly what a service company needs to grow and improve its cash flow. Much better than a paper-based process, where the invoice is often only sent out 3 to 4 weeks later.

HVAC subcontractor software

The HVAC industry is changing so much that it is not uncommon to use subcontractors for HVAC repairs. Either you are growing and struggling to expand your team with the right technicians, or you have a lot of ups and downs in demand and can better control your overhead costs through subcontractors. As HVAC companies increasingly outsource, they are also increasingly looking for a system that makes this easy. Because ultimately, the processes for managing subcontractors do not really differ from the in-house field service team.

Odyssee Field Service has developed an extensive subcontractor module, in collaboration with its customers, that helps HVAC companies bring these subcontractors on board, manage their work orders and pay their fees. In Odyssee Field Service subcontractors are dispatched. They can then accept or refuse a work order, according to their own availability. With the mobile app for subcontractors they can handle work orders in the same way as your own technicians. With the timesheets they can indicate what they have performed so that at the end you not only know how much you have to invoice your customer, but also how much you have to pay your subcontractor, whether it’s per time worked or per fixed amount.

Technicians generate new business

When technicians come to a workshop, they sometimes see new repair work or the customer asks for an extra maintenance. Because submitting a request to the back office or sending a salesperson to draw up a quote is not always the right response when, for example, that customer would like to have the work carried out immediately, technicians must be able to carry out the extra work requested, or be able to give some price information.

With Odyssee Field Service, a technican can create a new work order and/ or have all prices at hand to correctly inform the customer about the cost of parts to be replaced plus working time. The customer signs immediately for approval so there is no discussion afterwards.

Contract management

HVAC organizations generally have three types of assignments: installations, preventive maintenance and repairs. Preventive maintenance in particular requires attention. Maintenance that comes back one or more times a year is easily forgotten. That is why Odyssee Field Service has set up a complete service contract module that automatically creates work orders based on the recurrence and automatically follows up agreed SLA’s, with warnings for both the back office and the mobile technician if SLA’s are exceeded. Even with contracts, it is very important that your turnover and cash flow remain strong. Thanks to the automatic invoicing of contracts at the indicated intervals, this is also solved immediately.

An optimal HVAC field service software

Odyssee Field Service offers HVAC organization solutions to their problems with a comprehensive HVAC field service software. An optimal field service solution has everything an HVAC organization needs to succeed. By implementing our field service software, you will see faster response times from technicians, a better customer experience and increased revenue.