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Johnny Adam

Operations Engineer of Engie

"Imagine a specific customer where we're talking about 2000 houses, he wants to know at all times the status of his maintenance. Now with Odyssee, within almost a second, we can determine how many maintenances have been planned in."



Lars Vreeke

CEO – Dimix

“It is of course a huge step when you transition from work orders to an automated system such as Odyssee. That already brought us a long way. And we notice that Odyssee keep innovating, that they think along and also develop continuously – that’s very important. We started in the “work order era”, and now find ourselves in a fully automated environment, which is, of course, a huge difference.”




Stijn Lenaerts

Swegon AB

“8 technicians and 1 dispatcher use Odyssee Service App to optimize the service to our customers, giving them full transparency about what we do.”


Most frequent questions and answers

Your free trial is configured with START. At any moment during the trial you can upgrade to another plan. Just ask your Customer Success Manager using the chat box.

After the 15 days free trial you will be automatically redirected to the subscription page allowing you to continue using Odyssee field Service. Should you choose not to upgrade to one of our plans, all your data will be erased from our servers. You can always launch a new free trial in the future, should you wish.

Yes. Odyssee Field Service is a pay-as-you-go service and you can upgrade, downgrade any time. Upgrading or downgrading will be done pro-rata. And if you upgrade during your free trial, you won’t get billed until after your trial period is completely over.

You can subscribe to all our plans month-to month or yearly. You can switch any time but note that the change will only be applied after your current period has expired. For yearly subscriptions, renewal happens 30 days prior to the end date. For monthly subscriptions, its 15 days prior. You can cancel any time before renewal. Cancellation is not immediate but goes into effect at the end of your current subscription.