Our field software is scalable with a network of end-to-end tools and resources that will empower every team member to work more efficiently.

Unlike other competitors, Odyssee is truly an all-in-one solution, and we’ve worked closely with field service giants to deliver excellence in action.










Prioritize customers

CRM & Asset Management

Organize customers and their equipments across multiple locations and service contracts. Keep track of every asset, bill of material and warranty. Keep track of the full service history reports. Make sure that your customers fully enjoy free service during the warranty time.

Manage customers

Keep your customer and contact information centralised in one place

Manage equipments

Track multiple job locations and every equipment

Build up a service history

Keep track of every work order, used parts and serial numbers


Set data-driven margins

Parts & Pricing

Manage detailed parts catalogs and create matching price lists. Manage fee lists for working hours so you invoice your customers automatically and correctly.  Set smart margins and invest in the right parts with a detailed breakdown for your team’s working hours.

Manage parts catalog

Track and update serial numbers and any service part

Manage Prices

Detailed pricing options for real margin optimization

Manage inventory

Never miss a part on site

Create detailed work orders

Work Order Management

Never miss a detail.
Odyssee Field Service software makes it easy to customize work order flows for every type of service, including last-minute repairs, preventative maintenance and workshop orders. We help you increase success rates for first-time repairs without the need for follow-up interventions.

Detailed job information

Add comments, photos, documents, and recommended parts

Group work orders

Easily manage big jobs with multiple technicians


Follow up actual vs planned time


Impress customers with timely service

Planning & Scheduling

Save time and money with optimized planning tools. Make use of real travel times. Odyssee will alert you if there are pending jobs for the same customer or if SLA’s are in danger and automatically suggest the most efficient planning.

Efficient planning

Drag & drop or the automated planning asistant, Odyssee makes it really easy for you!

Optimize routes

Reduce your carbon footprint with the smart scheduler for easy route optimization

Travel times

Plan very accurately using real travel times


Increase end-to-end efficiency

Mobile Service App

Automate and simplify the most repetitive administrative tasks. The Odyssee app can be installed on any device.  Complete work orders in the field and collect paperless signatures for approval.

Execute jobs easily

Follow clear instructions, access documents and pictures, fill in forms, used parts and working time.

Email reports

Instantly email the signed service reports to customers right after completion


Use the app in the field as well as in your workshop


Unlock customer happiness

Customer Portal

Free up your support team with well-structured automation. The customer portal allows customers to independently create tickets, check the status of their work orders or view the work order history. By streamlining the field service support experience, your team can focus on delivering the most attentive service when it matters most.

Structured Tickets

Customer-created job requests with fewer errors

Real-Time Updates

Customers can track current and completed jobs

Full work order history

Customers can view past and future maintenance calendars

Reduce Delays with On-Hand Parts

Inventory Management

Optimize your inventory management system with more detailed tracking. With Odyssee, you can keep track of the individual parts that are located in each van or location.

Stock Transfer

Use secure PINs to approve stock transfers

Parts Reservation

Locate and reserve parts for individual work orders


Identify on-site and common stock locations


Expand Your Talent Pool

Subcontractor Management

Easily integrate subcontractors into your workflow and eliminate miscommunications. Hired subcontractors can be managed exactly like your regular team members, and they’ll appreciate the clear, efficient process with Odyssee work orders.


Dispatch work orders according to subcontractor's availibility

Skill Tagging

Manage your contractors by skillset

No need for licenses

Take advantage of the subcontractor credit system

Maximize ERP Data

Integrations & Plug-Ins

Integrate your CRM, ERP, accountancy software or Payroll solution with Odyssee. Our open field service software platform is designed for end-to-end integration. Keep your data clean and organized accross different softwares for more automated workflows.

Excel import

Import and export data with excel

Connector marketplace

Check our marketplace for tons of ready-to-use connectors

Odyssee API

Build your own connector using our well-documented Odyssee API


Automate Maintenance Agreements

Service Contracts

Keep your promises and give SLA customers the consistent level of service that they’re paying for. The service contracts will automate the entire process to plan or dispatch jobs acording to the maintenance schedule. Track your success rate on the Odyssee dashboard to make sure that you’re hitting SLA goals with high performance every month.

All service models

Manage preventative, predictive, and corrective service models


Automatically generate and schedule recurring maintenance

SLA follow-up

Never miss any service level agreement

Track Components with Customizable BOM

Bill of Material

Execute repairs with increased speed and efficiency. Now, you can create and manage fully customizable BoMs based on the type and model of your equipment.

Modify Lists

Create custom recommendations from generic lists


Work orders can be equipped with pre-made spare parts lists

Partial Warranty

Track extended warranties with additional spare parts


Centralize Repair Requests

Help Desk Module

Assign and monitor every email or inquiry from the help desk. Incoming requests are immediately turned into tickets, which can be converted to work orders with a single click. Gather and organize information with customizable fields to make sure that technicians have all of the details.

Ticket Creation

Instantly turn email requests into solvable tickets

Technician Access

Add sub-tasks, pictures, documents, checklists, and more

Planning Board

Scheduled technicians can resolve and create sub-tasks

Organize Local Area Teams

Service Area Management

Plan more efficiently with a total control over multiple service areas. Odyssee scheduling tools allow you to organize technicians and service addresses based on their location. Create a more consistent team of local service staff for your customers while also limiting drive time and inefficient routes.

Area Managers

Assign specific managers to different technician groups

Out of Area

Automated alerts report if agents are assigned beyond their area

Ongoing service

Manage entitlements and SLA contracts


Interconnect Operations

Multiple Business Units

Manage all of your organizations from a single hub. Odyssee’s flexible field service management tools allow to spread your wings and scale up without losing oversight. Seamlessly connect multiple business units in the same region or around the world.

Differentiate Cost

Manage different prices, products, and currencies

Separate Data

Locked data separation will never overlap across units

Secure Access

Predefined users can manage the overall system

Control Service Agreements

SLA Management

Each account can have one service contract for corrective and preventative maintenance; make sure that it’s accurate. Odyssee unlocks the contract so that you have total control. Set the terms of your SLA, including specific parts exclusion, included work hours, and more. Preventative and corrective service levels can be generated and defined separately for unparalleled clarity.


Define and automate plans for the end of your SLA contracts

Track Compliance

Measure success rates for response and service completion


Prioritize SLA contracts within the guaranteed service window


Eliminate Unknowns from Scheduling

Smart Scheduler

Maximize your planning efficiency with the power of machine learning. Odyssee service software is equipped with a smart scheduling tool, and you have unlimited access to its most powerful features. Never miss a service window again.

GPS Routing

Anticipate delays and prioritize the shortest travel distances


Re-plan assigned work orders or press pause without deleting


Customize planning constraints, including after-hours travel

Instantly Alert Your Team

Smart Notification Triggers

Open up communication and send notifications to select team members. Smart alerts can be tailored to a specific work order or task, so you can keep everyone informed and make sure that you’re working toward the same goal.

Instant Alert

Send out instant push notifications in the app


Set filters to notify everyone involved on the task or order

Smart Log

Only notify field service agents that need to know the details